Why isn't my girlfriend texting me back?

ok well my girlfriend and I were hangin out yesterday. she went to a friends party last night and I went to a friends house. we got a ride from her mom she got dropped off first then I got dropped off. I tried texting her last ninght around 9 pm and right now its 148 pm. and hse still hasn't texted me back :/. any ideas why she hasn't texted me back and do I text her again?


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  • Possible Reasons:

    *Her phone is dead

    *Her phone is broken or misplaced

    *She is maybe hungover and sleeping

    *Maybe didn't get your text

    *Didn't check her phone

    *Busy, maybe taking a shower and forgot to check her phone

    *Her friend probably looked at her phone and saw a text but didn't say anything

    *Maybe wants to text you later

    *Mad at you, maybe you did something to her

    *She maybe texted you but the text probably wasn't fully sent to you.

    *Friends took her phone away(my friend did that to me one time as a joke)

    *She is so shocked that you texted her that she is passed out right now

    • ok well should I text her again?

    • no, don't text her until she texts back, if she doesn't within 3 hours then text her back but for now don't worry about it.

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  • Maybe she's tired and/or has a hang over. It can be a number of reasons why she didn't text back but I wouldn't worry about it unless you had a fight which you didn't . I wouldn't text her again if I was you you could but I'm sure she got the first one you sent. I hope its nothing bad good luck

    • well all my first text said was "hey". and I really wanted to hang out with her today. and no we never had a fight.

    • Yea you should call her then but if she doesn't answer it don't just assum its a bad thing

    • she doesn't have calling on her phone though

  • Perhaps she may still be sleeping. Don't worry. Try giving her a call though, that's a little more personal. Especially if she's your girlfriend. If she doesn't pick up, at least she'll see you were concerned and what not.

    • wellshould I text her again since she doesn't have calling on her phone?

    • Sure. Go for it. Just say something along the lines of "just checking in to make sure that everything is alright"

  • Is she super busy? I know sometimes I forget to check my phone...maybe that's another reason?

    • i actually have no clue

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  • Doesn't matter, don't be needy regardless.

    • im dumb because I miss mygf and wanna spend time with her?

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    • like what give me some examples?

    • Nothing crazy, just hugging/kissing her a little longer the next time you see her will do. Being there completely when you're together. 99% of the time it's better to show a girl how you're feeling than to tell (as long as the emotions are positive of course haha)

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