Will she ever be mine?How should I get close to her?

There is a girl whom I've been loving since my childhood.She's always been my good friend, we know each other very well.But we've not being meeting regularly since last few years.we only chat on Facebook and sometimes by sms. We meet only coincidentally because she lives near my house. I don't know how to how to get close to her and propose her because I don't wanna lose her. Please help me with this guys!


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  • Ofcourse she can be yours. :) IF you fought for her ;-)

    My boyfriend and I have always known each other since we were little kids but we had never expressed our feelings for each other until later. What he did is sneakily asked me how I pictured my man of my dreams/future husband. We started laughing and whatnot, but then it turned all serious. We kept chatting for like 6 hours exchanging secrets and inner feelings we had never told anyone of. This was the best chat I've ever had. We let out our feelings and we were glad it happened.

    After that, we kept taking it so slow but sure. We talked about everything and anything to make sure we felt comfortable around each other and that we truly like each other and are compatible. As time went by, we decided that we want to spend our lives together and here we are. :) So, start a light conversation with her and hopefully she'll get along. Don't remember not to move fast. Slow but sure is the best. :)

    • That's so Kind of you !

      Thank you very much!:) :) :)

    • You are welcome. :)

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