2 guys like me, how to get out of this situation without hurting someone ?

Guy #1, I have known for over a month I think, maybe 2 months.. he is not really a sweet romantic guy but he has his moments, we have already kissed, hug all the time etc so we act like we are dating, the only thing that stopped me was that he can be bossy/insensitive and told me he used to lie to his ex (like about where he was, who he was with..) for some reason I agreed to start dating him but I Haven't seen him since and we've barely talked. He is possessive/ protective of me and tells me I'm beautiful every time I see him

Guy #2 I've only been talking to/hanging out with for about 2 weeks. Sweet, romantic, REALLY interested, he is a bit dorky but has a strange appeal to me . I told him I agreed to date Guy #1 but he keeps trying. He is very gentlemanly and seems pretty trustworthy but slightly clingy.

I don't want to hurt either of them or look like a slut, but I'm really confused about what I really want. Should I just stop seeing/talking to both of them, or should I risk hurting one of them to be with the other?

Oops I agreed to date guy #1 on Tuesday and haven't hung out with him since


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  • DITCH guy 1! I just got out of a relationship with a guy like that! He was a psycho abusive freak.. Go safe with guy 2. And use the excuse for dumping guy one as, "You don't talk to me as much as a boyfriend should". There you go, comment if you need further advice, dear.

  • If you have already gone on a date with guy one .Then you should go on a date with the other guy and see how they act arond you ..And the one you like best you should go out with him .And with the other just say I like this guy and I like you ..But not like that and if it helps I will get you your own girl..