How to be a good boyfriend, make girls feel safe.

I will be a responsible boy.But now, I decided to look for a girlfriend.Obviously, right now, I don't know where she is.If I had a girlfriend, I will make her happy, happy.I will be a responsible boy.Problem is, I have no experience.I have been single.Girls can you tell me what to do?I will be very happy, thank you very much.


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  • how to be a good boyfriend..hmmm..

    treat her the way you would want yourself to be treated..

    be a gentleman..

    i know it's a cliche'..

    but simple things really mean a lot to us..

    flowers and little girlie stuff make us happy..

    yesterday, a friend asked me what'sa nice "apology gift" for his girl, and I advised him to give her a teddy bear..why not? (:

    it's sweet..and she'll remember it..she'll remember that he cares (:

    be respectful and talk, talk ,talk, lol..

    sometimes we just like talking , someone who wil listen and can put up with all our dramas..

    and most importantly, just be you (:

    don't pretend to be anything you're not..

  • An important part of being a good boyfriend is understanding and appreciating your girlfriend as an individual. Every girl is different, and we all have slightly different needs. In order to have a healthy relationship, you must find someone you are compatible with so that both your respective needs can be met.

    But in general, being a good boyfriend means treating your girlfriend with respect, showing you care, and being willing to compromise. You also have to be honest about your own needs so she can respect them. Don't pressure her to do things she doesn't feel comfortable with. Be understanding and sensitive to her feelings. She should do these things in return as well.

    • I think you are completely correct.Thank you so much.I will try to do it.Become a perfect boyfriend.

    • No one can be perfect- don't expect that of yourself! But I'm sure you will be very good. It's nice that you care so much.

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