Guys, do you enjoy making out that doesn't lead to sex?

Just curious whether my boyfriend is happy. We haven't dated for very long and I'm not ready to put out. I'm pretty sure he gets excited but I don't know if it makes him more frustrated or happy.

Also, how can I keep him happy and excited without sex/bj? In the early stages of a relationship I mean. I know I'll eventually sleep with him.


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  • Kissing a woman is amazing whether or not it will lead to sex, I love it! Let things between you two phisically progress naturally. Be honest with him, if you want to take things slow, tell him! Move from things like kissing, to cuddling, to a massage, etc. Like I said though, tell him you wantto take it slow, otherwise if you JUST allow him to kiss you he can think you're not interested in moving things forward and he could leave.


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  • I believe they do, especially if what your doing pleases your particular man, for instance the last guy I made out with loved how I rotated from kissing, to sucking his tounge for a little bit, and all whilst stroking his dick :P

    • thanks for the mho <3

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  • Depends if the guy is aseuxal or not. I know I love making out, without it leading to sex. LOL

  • Heck yes I do! But, even if we don't have sex, I do like it when a girl gets me off at least once while making out. Otherwise I tend to get blue balls. As long as I get off somehow, though, I don't mind stopping wherever the girl prefers.

    Protip: Learn to give a good blowjob. It makes a wonderful happy medium for those who don't feel comfortable going all the way.

    • How do I get him off? We haven't even been fully naked yet, I don't know if HE feels comfortable either!

    • Dry humping can get a guy off if the motion is right. Hand jobs usually do the trick, though some guys (myself included) never get off from hand jobs.

      I agree with animalwithin, just take things at your own pace. If it is early in the relationship, he is probably willing to suffer a few blueballs to give you time to get comfortable with him. Any decent man is. Whenever you are ready, go a step further. Until then, do what you are comfortable with.

    • Also: COMMUNICATE! If you don't know what he's comfortable with, ask. Easiest way to find out what he needs from you is to talk to him, not to us!

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