Guys, would you find it annoying if your prom date asked you questions?

If she asked you about what you thought about ordering boutonniere/corsage, suggested to consider a matching tie and asked about what color flowers you think are suitable etc?

Would you think that it is kind of cute that she's so excited, or would you just find it completely annoying?


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  • I think it is totally cool to ask about those things; in fact, every formal I went to I made sure to having a matching shirt and tie, and the corsage was most definitely going to match! The only time I did not purchase a corsage was for the girls ask guys (Sadie Hawkins) dance, and for that I always brought a single red rose; my outfit still matched the dress.

  • I'd find it cute, (ball in new Zealand) you work up the courage to ask someone then don't talk to them about it until the night awkward! Would rather be asked questions to know she's still keen and interested

    • Haha, actually I was the one who asked him to prom. I could say that I've been "wearing the pants" so far!

    • Hmmmm... Going as friends or what? Don't know if people go top rom as friends or not

    • We aren't boyfriend/girlfriend... he's also not from my school. We had some sparks going for a bit, but it fizzled out. I decided to ask him to come to my prom anyway. I thought it would be fun to have a date.

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