How will I know when to kiss a girl?

Last night my buddies and I went clubbing and one of my friends, who also went out with her friend introduced me to a friend of hers who apparently found me attractive, Anyway we spent the whole night talking and flirting.

As my friends had too much to drink we had to leave and as I said goodbye she gave me a funny look. I asked her why and she asked my why I didn't kiss her. Lord knows that I wanted to kiss her, but didn't want to seem too forward. So not wanting to seem like a fool I just changed the subject and found my buddies and went home

So girls,what would need to happen for a guy to get a kiss from you?


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  • Don't err on the side of caution. I would rather a guy try to kiss me when I don't want to be kissed than he don't kiss me when I want to be kissed. And, when she said that, you should have apologized and kissed her. Let her know you were nervous and unsure (it's super adorable) and that you would have liked to kiss her.


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  • Well, if you have a good time and she finds you attractive, she'll want a kiss.


    She'll linger when saying bye to you.

    She'll bite her lips.

    She'll look at your lips.

    She'll touch your arm/shoulder.

    IF you have a good time with a girl you're hanging out with and she shows any of these signs, go for it. And don't resist, that's the last thing a girl wants to see a guy do when it comes to kissing.

  • You know you could've just stopped and stared her in the eyes, getting closer to her. That would've told her you were going for a kiss and would've given her enough time to react if she didn't want to kiss you. Plus you could've joked your way out of it too. Try that next time!

  • I'd probably be too nervous to initiate until I knew the guy better so he would need to make the move the first few times.

  • idk really but it usually jut happens when we have an intemit moment or you know the kinda moment when your staring into each others eyes and then BAM

    like if she's crying and you help her then she will like you for that and maybe kiss you

    thanking you could work

    just do something nice and considerate, make her feel comfortable an just go for it to many people wait and miss so many oppertunities doing so.

    just be your self because kisses just happen randomly :)

    you don't really have to do anything spicific...


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