Talking to this guy, do I text him again or..? HELP

Okay so I met this guy at a friends place and he got my number.

He told me we should hang out again blah blah blah lol I was really into this whole thing.

Then he started complimenting me and we made plans to hang out.

He would text me first all the time saying the nicest things and I didn't know if I definitely liked him.

SO the day we were suppose to hang out he ignores my texts ( I sent two in a 7 hour gap) and I was so mad!

the next morning on Facebook I saw that he was tagged in pictures from a party!

so he ditched me and went to a party. Now we aren't dating or anything but is it okay to be this upset?

he hasn't texted me since and its been two days so I have a few questions..

1. Is it okay to still really like him?

2. Do I try to text him? or is it too smothery even though the last text was the day we were suppose to hang out

3. Do you think he'll ever text me again?


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  • in my opinion, I think you should text him & say "thanks for burning me the other day, looks like ya had a fun time at that party. hope it was worth it, cause I'm obv not even worth a text to let me know what's going on so your not worth my time. byeee" I think at that point he will apologize if he likes you and just let it go if he doesn't. that's what I would do anyways. lifes too short to be waiting around for a text/guy.

    • thanks! actually what you told me to send him is really good and I might use it AGAIN because he ended up telling me the truth anyway :) but then today he blew me off again..uwihgjg I'm so using that lol minus the party part

    • yeah? your welcome :) and I don't know what's wrong with guys these days lol. they will apologize and be so sorry for not talking to ya, then go and do it again!