Is it a BAD idea to go jumping into another relationship?

I had a bad break up seven months ago with a guy who I'd spent four years with. And, in my idiotic state afterward, I agreed to be in a relationship with a possessive guy who was pursuing me. It has been over for three months since that ended and my sanity feels like it has finally fully returned. I love myself, am happy on my own, and really enjoy being free. However, though being single is a blast, their is a wonderfully sweet guy I have actually been developing a crush on. But, yesterday he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I found myself panicking inside. I told him I wasn't ready, but I'm not positive that is the case. I think I'm mainly just afraid to try a serious relationship with someone again, and I don't want to let something that could be wonderful go just because I'm afraid it will fail. Should I give it a shot or is it really too soon?

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  • Trust your instincts, always. If your first reaction was a panic, then that's clear you're really enjoying (and probably desperately need) this single time. Be honest with the guy. Tell him you'd love to keep seeing him, but that right now you just can't commit. No need to go into detail, but explain your 2 bad breakups in a row and how for your sanity, and for the good of anyone you date in the future, you need to give yourself this break. As cheesy as it sounds, what's mean to be will be as long as you listen to your intuition. If you guys are supposed to get together, you will once you feel more comfortable and ready. Getting into a new relationship is supposed to be something exciting that you can't wait to do, not something you're questioning. I know the old "I'm just not ready for a relationship" line is so cliche, but with you I think it's very true.