Is it cool to get a little upset if he doesn't text back?

Sooo me & my boyfriend were texting & he out of nowhere just stops texting me back :( he's done this to me two times, the first time we barely had started dating & I didn't trip so much, the second time he was at work & he told me he just didn't have anything to reply back to me and he didn't want to seem all obsessed buuut promised that from now on to text me more. Right now we were texting, after not texting at all ALL day, so I decide to tex him & we started texting & out of nowhere just stops texting me back. I don't know, I'm a kinda upset about it but I don't wanna say anything cus I don't want him to think I'm overexegarating...What would you do if you were in my position?


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  • If I were in your position I would send him a random sexy text message he will text back or send him a message that's was for the " wrong number" and start a conversation that way or do something to distract you from thinking about him like sleeping