Ladies, am I doing it wrong?

Well, after 29 years I think it is safe to say I am doing something wrong, but maybe I can get your opinion.

I am a white male, 6'2". I am not a model, but I am pretty confident I am above average in the looks department. I work out and while I am not "ripped" I am toned and in shape.

I work in a sales/account management position and have several clients. I am not rich, but am building my business and working hard to do so. My business relies upon creating new relationships and maintaining those relationships, so needless to say I am comfortable around people and think I have an amicable personality.

Here's the problem, when I am out at the gym, the bar, a party or just any social setting in general I don't go out of my way to meet new people. I have grown a lot personally and professionally over the last 5 or 6 years and have conquered many of my confidence issues, but I've never taken the time to translate that into better success with women.

So ladies, here is my question...Based on the way I have described myself above, would you consider me a "catch" or at least solid dating material? Should I be more confident because I bring a lot more to the table than I give myself credit for?

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I think I should be more in demand than I allow myself to be. Between my looks, my personality and my passion/drive to succeed, I think I posses a lot of the characteristics that women want in a partner.

Maybe this is a confidence boost for me or maybe I just need some validation, but based on what I've outlined above, would you want to meet a guy like me?

picture for your reference:

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  • The girl has a big eyes! lol I'm just playin' is what I believe, and although many people may not agree with me, I'll let it out. I believe that what's meant to be is meant to be, and that everything happens for a reason. It's not about what you're not doing, or what you're doing. Because you seem to have a good lifestyle for yourself. I own my own business, just like you and I meet people who walk in and out of my place each and everyday. The thing is how do you know? do you know when you've me "the one." Well...simply you don't know.

    if you meet a girl, and you think that she looks incredible, take a risk and go up to her and start talking to her, even if she wants nothing to do with you, you've still taken a step, a risk and that alone should make you feel good.

    Be patient, your time will come. I promise.

    • Based on what I've outlined above, are those the characteristics you are looking for in a guy. Or at least enough to want to give him a chance?

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    • thanks for clarifying Alica! That is what I was looking for here. Not looking to hook up with anyone on this site, just looking for an impartial view of myself. If women like what I've outlined, then I need to give myself my credit and get out there

    • wtf? grab your own comment on this bost alicia. Not trying to start a fight here, but wasn't saying that I said if I liked him. Sheesh. Do you know how to read?lol

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  • put yourself out there more.

    You said you worked on handle bitches now.

    Get some bitches, and put them straight. Tell them your motives...and if they don't agree,they will leave you..but if anyone agrees they will stay..and she will be your lady...and you will be her man.

    You are a catch. So, go catch some bitches.

    • I think it stems from years of thinking I was not good enough. I'm not afraid to approach women per se, I just don't bother very often because of this feeling of lacking self worth.

      Obviously you can only take me at my word for personality and attractiveness varies depending on the person, but do women want to meet more men like me?

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    • thanks for the ego boost ;)

    • It wasn't an ego boost. It was the truth. :D

  • I think you should have more confidence in yourself. You are perfectly confident when it comes to your business relationships because that's what you're comfortable with, so you need to become comfortable with chatting up ladies and showing your true potential. Once you have that base, don't let too many successes give you a big head, because then you will be attracting the type of women that wants cocky, arrogant guys, and you won't be on the right track for finding a healthy relationship.

    • Based on what I've outlined above, are those the characteristics you are looking for in a guy. Or at least enough to want to give him a chance?

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    • ha! don't think I'm going to get a big head. Just trying to inflate my self worth a little bit in order to get out there. If the way I desribed myself is what women are looking for, then I need to stop beating myself up and get out there.

    • Very true! I don't think it will take you too long to get that confidence you need.

  • you're successful, and you seem like a nice guy.

    • So, do women want to meet more men like me? Are these desirable characteristics?

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  • You know they do.

    Get your ass out there and interact with women, and be conscious of how they're responding. IF they're throwing interest, flirt, and see what happens.

    You don't hunt for women, you fish with a net.

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