What's a nice way to tell the guy I'm dating I don't like the way he kisses?

So I'm starting to see this new guy more often, and the last few times he's kissed me have been very uncomfortable for me. He uses his tongue WAY too much, and I had told him the first time that I didn't like it. I have been told that I'm a passionate kisser, and I love to feel lips. Too much tongue is a turn off.

I'm the type of person that is blunt, but honest. I want to be nice, and I def do not want to embarrass him. How can I tell him to ease up, or just stop, using his tongue?


So I saw my guy friend last night and the kiss went a lot better this time, with a little bit of guidance on my part. We both had a good sense of humor about it, but I think he got a better idea of what I like. ;)


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  • Hmm. Suggest he mix it up. Tell him which way turns you on. Note that a lot of tongue probably turns HIM on, so you might want to do it 'your way' sometimes and 'his' sometimes.

    Never made out with someone who didn't use quite a bit of tongue.

    • Lol...yeah but he goes way overboard. I told him the first time he kissed me, Uh I don't like the anaconda kisses. He kinda laughed at that.

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  • i usually tell a guy directly "i like to kiss like this" lol ..and show them ..but he might like it another way so I would also tell him we can do it both ways maybe the out come will be great!

    • Thanks for your comment...Like I told Xper, he goes way overboard..anaconda style. I'm just really turned off by guys that let their tongue dominate. But I will def try what you said. Good advice ;)

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