Does he still want to see me?

Guy stopped talking to me for about a week (when he usually texts me everyday) so I texted him asking how he had been. He talked about his job and said he had been really busy and had to quit his college classes till the next semester. He told me "I know we haven't talked in awhile :(" in a text.

He then asked me "when are we going to see each other?". We go to different schools a few hours away but in the summer we are close.

I told him I was going home this weekend but he still hasn't replied. He didn't seem too enthused when asking me when we were going to see each other.

Does it seem like he still likes me? Or is he just being friendly and chatting?


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  • I think he is just being friendly. Maybe he might like you but it's hard to tell. Did you and him ever hang out during the semester? Hopefully he texts you back so that way you and him can hang out with each other.

    • Ok, thank you. Yeah we have hung out a few times and we went two times to the movies and he paid which was nice. We also made out once and he told me he really likes me. He did text back and said that he doesn't know when he can but he's excited to see me. Of course after I asked him what would he want to do, he told me it didn't matter and that I could pick. I told him I would think of something and he never replied again. Still hasn't today, so I'm wondering if I should just distance myself

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    • Yeah things were great, even though I go to school far away from him. He still talked to me and we hung out when we could. Right before spring break, he made up all these excuses about his phone not working and it was never back the way it was. He is very busy especially since he got promoted at his work and is helping his mom out and had classes so I understand, but he rarely talks to me now, and if I text him first, he says he misses me. I'm very confused. Maybe in the summer it'll be better

    • Yeah I hope in the summer htigns get better. I mean yo uboth won't be goign to school and I know that is work within itself. But wow he changed before spring break. That sucks. Once a guy makes excuses things change. Even if he is busy he could at least text you once I na while. I mean you shouldn't have to intiate the first texts. He should show you he cares or show some interest. If he says he misses you he needs to prove it more. I don't htink yoru confused he is the one that is confused.

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