Why did she ask if this was a date?

I went out with this girl once a while ago. It was a good time. I took her out to ice cream and we talked a lot, her more than me. But she sed she wanted to just hang out for less than an hour. We were talking for almost three hours when she sed she wanted to go home. I aked her once if she should go home when it was close to the time she sed she wanted to be home. It was like 7- almost 10, and I asked her at about 8 if she wanted to go home. So I took her home. We went inside her house for just a few minutes. I talked to her parents and brother shortly, and then her parents asked if I wanted to stay and watch a movie. I sed I wouldn't mind, but she sed no that's ok. I thought maybe she just wanted me to leave because she didn't like hanging out with me. So she just sed, "bye have a good night, I'll talk to you tomorrow," and I sed, "Ok. good night." She then asked me about fifteen minutes later if it was a date? How should I have responded to that cause I thought it was?


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  • ok ignore tex151's advice, I don't think that accurate at all.

    If a guy pays for a meal it's a date, she might've only asked because she thought it was but when you didn't make a move got confused.

    and she probably said for you to leave because it woulod be embarrassing to watch a movie with you and her family.

    if she was talking to you for 3 hours then I'm sure she had a good time with you cause otherwise she would've made excuses to leave much sooner.

    • What do you mean "when I didn't make a move?" what does that mean?

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    • Ok. 1) she was complaining about me looking at her during the date. What can I say? she has pretty eyes. 2) she mentioned her last boyfriend was too touchy/ feely so I didn't want to get too close to her because I thought if I did, she would think I was the same way. 3) It seemed like she was pushing me out of her house at the end and if she wanted to hold hands, she would have done it, or told me it was ok to do it.

    • Well you were there but be fair were you actually starring at her? Cause that'd be weird.

      I can apprichate where your coming from with the not being too touchy thing, but why would she have to inichate hand holding? Ever think she might be too shy to inichate it.

      And I don't know about the pushing you out of her house, you were there and you clearly think she didn't enjoy the date so why are you so bothered? Like I said before she might've just been embarrassed in front of her family.

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  • that is strange. she almost sounds socially inept or something? is she a snob? I would just say yes and let her be in her oblivian.. Wow, she sounds dumb! sorry but it's the truth


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  • Well here's what I think she was looking for a free meal, and didn't want to hang out with you for 3 hours. She even said no when her parents asked you if you wanted to stay and see a movie, not a good sign, if she wanted to you to stay she would have said yes you should stay and watch a movie with me. She probably got bored talking to you for 3 hours and was only hoping to get some food talk for a bit and then go home and hang out with her other friends. I would have said yes it was a date, but I don't think your going to get another date with her, so I would just move on and find another girl.