Am I overreacting?

Last Saturday I met this guy that I was talking to for a while basically we had a date and everything went great. We talked for hours and was complimenting me on my smile, eyes, etc. and he said that he really liked me.

He asked if he could kiss me so I let him, and things went further so we ended up having sex but throughout the whole thing he would constantly tell me that I was beautiful and he'd say that he hopes things work out with us and I asked him why and he said "cause you're beautiful and you're amazing, you have an amazing personality I'd just be really lucky to be with you."

Then the next couple days we'd text and he would call me beautiful and gorgeous and cutie and it was all great.

Then on Tuesday we hung out again and it went really well and that's when I told him that I wanted us to be together cause he told me it'd be up to me. So we have been together since Tuesday but things changed so quickly, or it seems to me like that.

On Saturday we were texting, but he acted differently. He'd stop calling me the things he'd used to and now we just call each other babe or baby and he's been busy all of a sudden with family and he says he can't come see me or that he has to wait, cause of money issues.

I believe him because he told me in person, but he also said that he'd come whenever I wanted him to. I don't ask him everyday to come see me, I've only asked him once since Tuesday so I try to make it easy.

But in general he's just acting different, like he doesn't want to talk, or like he really doesn't care if he's with me, or like he doesn't really want to come see me.

I don't know if I should give it time because it's been only a week and things will be fine or if I'm just being crazy.


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  • Do you normally have sex the first date? If so that might be the problem. Girls that have sex on the first date set them selves up as easy and willing. A real guy will respect you more, if you withhold, that tells him you have dignity, and not just any guy gets it.

    Be bold, and just ask him, what's up, what have you got to lose?

  • sounds like you were a fling or possibly "the other woman", doesn't sound like you have too much invested with him though might want to just move on.

    if he does come back around and your still available sniff things out a bit to see where you stand. Oh and never take pillow talk as truth...just a rule of thumb


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