What are possible meanings of what she said?

Recently, my girlfriend of about 10 months and I broke up. It was mutual in the sense that both of us recognized and agreed that being together was not in our best interest, but at the same time we still care for each other. Anyway, we had been talking some after ending it and I asked her why we stopped having sex (the most recent time was about 2 months back, and it had been about another 2 months before that...). Her response was that I became too cocky in bed and it was becoming a major turn off for her. She wouldn't tell me exactly what I was doing that was so cocky though. So I figured I would see if any of you girls had ever felt that a guy was "too cocky" and if so what was he doing, and also if any guys had ever had a girl tell them the same thing. Thanks in advance.


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  • I think she might have meant that she felt like she was like an object when having sex with you. Some girls like to feel dominated by guys, but most like to feel that she is connected with the guy in some sort of intimate nature.

    A lot of times, it is a turn off for a girl when a guy thinks he's really good in bed (especially when he is NOT! lol) because she thinks that you would think that you could do any other girl, but not focused on only her.

    In general (or stereotyped so to say), girls like to feel loved and very intimate when she is having sex during a relationship. So extra attention, like more questions of how she feels, or how much you love her would do a long way.

    Hope this answers your question, and helps you in the future. Good luck!

  • Not sure if this is the same thing, but I was once with a guy who used to act as if he was so great in bed and told me I wasn't that great but it was okay because he could make up for that. He made me feel like I wasn't good and because of that I didn't like to sleep with him because I knew he would make these comments and that would make me feel bad.


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