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hey so I like this girl a lot, and I really don't know why I barely know her and she goes against every rule I've got. At first I thought this girl liked me but was too shy to talk to me and I was not an exception, so one day after months of checking each other out I found some nerves to sit next to her at school, after a couple of minutes of awkward silence she broke the ice and we started to talk. Now about three weeks later we've got an assignment together and we change phone numbers, at first she started to text me stupid things about the assingment and they were pretty obvious so me being known as a serious person text back as a serious person, but I didn't saw all the happy faces emoticons she send anyway just thought it was of some importance. Now I find myself in the need of texting with her at least once a day but the problem is that she replies late and I don't want to sound impatience I also want to make clear that she knows I'm not a serious person I just seem like one, I also need the work we made because I accidentally gave it to her (yes it was accidentally) so I text her about three days ago to see if she could send it back she has text me saying she will but she hasn't and I'm starting to think she wants me to text her or rush her I don't know. One last thing the story is kinda long so it's not completely here but the worst thing that happened and I know is really important was that I was going to save some images on my laptop and she was next to me and well couples of days before I received an email from a friend with some pictures with girls on birthday suit and I forgot to delete them and well she saw them so I really freak out and started to shake and I am sure she notice it but kept it cool. well I guess that is it.

So before I submit this short story I was considering not to submit it, so there are a lot of things that I forgot to add, and well I really don't understand her I'll give you an example and I haven't read it but my sister has in the book of twilight Edward feel attracted to bella because he can't read her mind, it's something like this what is happening in my life and I'm not worried about the pictures because well everyone knows about guys crisis... and thanks to the girls that hlp


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  • Are you worried about her seeing the pictures? if so don't worry any intelligent girl assumes guys have a library of p*rn in his lap top. You probably freaked out more than she.

    • yes I did but she saw them... I think and thanks

    • Yw.

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  • Hmm.. Act like the laptop thing didn't happen. That part is solved

    My guy friend will text me 2 times before I respond, just maybe every once in awhile text her something funny.

    Just relax. If she doesn't like you, there's others. You'll be fine. There will always be someone who will fit with you like a long lost puzzle piece. :)

  • You should just text her outright, and say- I miss texting you or something like that? Then see if it will go any further? See if she returns your feelings. If not, it isn't too awkward at that point.


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