What can encourage my boyfriend?

What can encourage him to talk on the phone more? At least twice a week, that's all I'm asking. I REFUSE to have a relationship through texting only. What should I say to him?


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  • When men are younger, we're more towards talking upward of 4 hours on the phone at a time and starving for attention. As you pass the 18 years old age mark, you tend to lean to texting / messaging "every so often" because you have much more that you can do and much more time you want to spend 'relaxing'

    Also, it's easier to keep a conversation going when each persons response takes minutes not seconds that could turn into an awkward silence, which then leads to a "we never have anything to talk about blah blah blah wah wah wah"

    Pro tip, Skype, Spend more time together, and last but not least, tell him that you'd like to hear his voice more often. (start by calling him 5-15mins before you go to bed, work up to calling him on lunch break / in between classes etc.)

    Don't rely on someone else to entertain you to keep your interest in them.

    If you're not happy by the end of all that, then you won't work out!

    If there's no compromise, there's nothing.

    • Thanks! Very helpful..I'll try these.

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  • Tell him

    Wrong: you never talk to me in the phone And I refuse to have a relationship that way.

    Right: it makes me happy to hear your voice and I would like it if we could talk once or twice a week.

  • tell him you changed your phone package and can't aford the text. I don't like phones because they aren't personal enough and texting is even worse than normal phone calls because you can't hear the other person's voice and how they say things.

    if you and him are texting tell him you're going to call him cause you want to talk like normal people rather than text.


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  • tell him that you want to talk on the phone more...