He Doesn't Ask Questions!

I've been chatting via messenger with a guy tonight & notice that he keeps answering with closed statements, nothing for me to write back to


Me: Did you have fun at the pub last weekend?

Him: Yeah, was good thanks

He is also being funny with some of the stuff he is saying but still all closed answers, not asking me any Qs. A few weeks ago he seemed really keen, not nothing!

Am I reading too much into these answers?


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  • Actually, your reading skills are A+

    He is not sharing his life with you.

    He is not asking about you & your life.

    He is almost trying NOT to find common ground nor conversations.

    Just from what you have written, this snapshot suggests someone that is totally into themselves, no room for others OR

    has suffered a huge loss like death.

    • But a few weeks ago he was the one that asked for my number! And until today he was always happy to have a chat. Grrr! I can't win!

    • I can't believe how fickle some guys are, as if they can change their mind on a dime. It's like they live to shop around. hehe OK, I'll be serious. You just might check around to see if you got torpedoed ... by his buddies or a competitor. If no good, then cowgirl, get on your horse & cut him out of that herd, corner him in private & tell him you want to get to know him better and if he has a probem with that ... WHY?

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  • f*** if I know, allot of people have sh*t communications skills and just think its the other persons job to do all the lifting, maybe you should just drop him.

  • You have to understand how guys communicate. We're not girls. We don't really go in for chatting for hours just for the hell of it.

    We can usually do this in the short term when we're going out with a girl or something, but it never lasts. That seems to be the case here.

    If you want to talk with someone for hours, talk to a girlfriend.

    If you want to talk with your guy, have something to say. Some problem to discuss.

    Have you guys had any dates at all?

    • It's not so much that I wanted to talk for hours, just wanted to check interest since we kissed last weekend. Since then, nothing. I guess he might have found out that I'm older than him & been put off. Who know. I guess the point is he isn't interested in getting to know me

    • You might be right. You might be wrong. I just think that's a heck of an assumption to make, given the average males communication style.

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  • He could be distracted, he might not be interested, or maybe he's just clueless in how to communicate with a woman. If you chat with him again, you can let him know you like getting to know him, but if he doesn't step up to the plate with some more communication it's time to start meeting other guys. You need to keep your options open at this point anyway, because nothing has been established. Have fun flirting with some new men for now, and if he comes around be receptive.

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