Am I dateable or just one of the guys?

Well, the guys I usually talk to always tease me and joke around with me the same way they would to their guy friends. I haven't really had much success in the dating department because when I do meet a guy that am interested in then he gets to meet my guy friends then he also join in the teasing and tells me how he finds another girl so hot and stuff. Am I just going to be one of the guys? Can I really be dateable?

am funny, smart, I love video games and am tomboyish...Does that make me one of the guys? And also do guys prefer more feminine girls with better posture and those who worry about their nails and hair? Should I start wearing make up more?

p.s I don't dress like a man but I don't over dress either. I am mostly casual like in skinny jeans and a tshirt and my hair is tied back most of the time. I wear small stud earrings, am 5'8 and I weigh 48kgs I don't wear make up at all but my skin ain't that bad. So please be frank and thank you in advance (don't be afraid to be brutal with your answers lol I prefer you to be very frank and blunt) thank you in advance :-)


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  • eventually you'll find a guy secure enough to date a woman who has mostly male friends.


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