Having a good online dating profile?

Any tips? What would make you look at a profile twice? What are you looking for? Do and don't s? Any tips? I'm focusing on the writing part, mostly the about me.


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  • is all about boby


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  • best thing I could say is regardless of how many guys randomly send out a 100 emails and you happen to get a bunch of them doesn't mean its time to inflate your sense of market value. try to have realistic opinions of the men you see online.


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  • #1 You've gotta have great pictures.

    #2 You've gotta be real!

    What site are you on? I can check out your profile and will help you step it up! I am a big on having fun interesting sentences that are simple, sexy and fun.

    I would love to help you with it, but I'll need more info. I want you to come up with things that you like. What are your hobbies? What makes your heart sing? Are you an artist? adventure seeker? reader? You can message me directly and we can work on it together.

    If you like my answer and want some help, let me know and I would appreciate it if you follow me on twitter.