We haven't kissed yet.

He told me he likes me very very much! So I'm not sure but I would say we are "dating" at the moment, since we are not official yet..

but.. I am a bit confused! He haven't kissed me yet, even though the opportunities have been there a lot. Maybe he is just shy and wanna take things slow.. but some days ago he touched my lips and he even put his finger in my mouth.. aaaand we have also been doing other intimate things (not sex) .. and THAT is why I wonder why he haven't kissed me yet. I even bit his underlip.. but I don't know if I should just kiss him or not? I don't wanna scare him off D: So.. should I wait for him to kiss me? or just kiss him?


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  • i just think he don't love u..juts want have sex,.

    • Well it's not like that. Cause he told me he is in love with me ^^

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  • just kiss that boy, he's pratically your boyfriend anyway!