You like each other, flirt for a while, then one day realize you've gotten quite attached. Ever freak out?

I've gotten to like this guy I've known for a while in recent months as we've both been flirting and paying each other attention and showing interest etc. But in recent weeks I've realized how much I really do actually like him - like its not just some fun flirtation anymore I actually have feelings for the guy. And it's really bothering me as it's making me have doubts to how he really feels etc. and hence making me avoid him cos I'm scared.

Does this happen anyone else?

We were having fun and flirting etc then he wasn't around for a few weeks and I missed him like crazy and when he came back it just freaked me out my feelings for him and I didn't know how to act around him. I feel like we both avoided each other for the last few days.

it feels weird now and I'm not sure what's going on. But I really think/ thought we both genuinely liked each other. I'm just panicking now and I'm worried.

i feel like a conversation might be in order.

can anyone offer any insight or similar occurrences?

i'm surprised at my reaction last few days toward him. you'd think I'd be happy to see him again but I wasn't - I was freaked out and kinda avoided him in a non-obvious kinda way.

btw he's kinda been avoiding me too its not like he's been over to me constantly and I been ignoring him. we seem to both be avoiding each other a little. its like the vibe has changed a bit with us.

i really like him. Help :(


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  • Did you ever think that you avoiding him or acting weird might have made him scared that you were not interested in him anymore. That is what may be causing the vibe to change slightly and him backing off a little. If you really like him like you say don't avoid him, open up and go have fun and see where that leaves you both. Initiate conversations and keep showing him that you are interested.

    • To be very honest, I think we are both backing off. I have definintely felt he has stopped the heavy flirtation. But I do really really like him, and yes I just might initiate something. I think he's worth the risk. But it is just that - a risk. And I don't want to make him uncomfortable either. Thanks. He really is a sweetheart.

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    • Thanks for the "Best Answer" distinction never got that before. Even though I am only one of two answers.

    • Its not how many answers but the quality of the advice or insight. Even if there's only one answer. Best answer just means it was very helpful.

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  • Guess its been a while since this post was active but I'll throw in my two cents

    Maybe he came to the conclusion it was better not to date you but just to stay friends?

    How about asking him out ?

    • why would I ask him out if he was appearing to change his mind?

      if he's decided he doesn't like me anymore - then he's not worth it. he should appreciate me.

    • Wow, after that response now I know why he ran for the hills.

    • whatever. I don't have time for verbal attacks like that. And for your information he did ask me out. I was trying to make a point which you didn't get. Anyway don't worry about it

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