Why do I just fall for girls who give me some attention?

I think it's just loneliness and whatnot. If a girl shows me just a little bit of attention, even when it's usually just friendly and nothing, then I'll think about her a lot, even though I'm not even on her radar. And inevitably, they will stop paying attention to me (because they never really were in the first place, they were just being normal), and then I'll like them only because of that and fall harder for them, even if they aren't good for me or if I don't even like them to begin with.

There's even a girl who showed me more attention than any girl did two years ago, and two years later after we've both moved on and made different friends and don't even talk, I still cling to that.

Maybe I'm just not meeting enough girls, but I'm not a bar/club guy (tried it), and school is consuming all my time so I'm stuck with these girls every day.


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  • You have low self esteem and self confidence. You need to work on these things and grow to love the company of your self. Its when we come to be happy by our self (being single) that we can have an enriching relationship with others. So work on that before you attempt to get into a relationship or even pursue something with a woman. You have to work on these things now because if not they will be toxic for whatever relationship you do get into in the future. They will ultimately cause the end of the relationship and cause you to become even more needy/clingy once it happens.

    So work on loving your self and appreciating the time you have to your self before you pursue a relationship with a woman. I hope this helps! :)


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  • You...really need to give yourself a higher opinion of yourself my man.

  • You are letting women have way way way too much power over you. Snap out of it!

  • You have little to no confidence. You cling too hard and too fast. You need to start with small stuff and build yourself up to get more confidence. Do not be overbearing and you need to believe that it is their loss if any girls do not get your phone number or even the chance to get a date with you. If you think sexy and confident then you will be sexy and confident.

    • yes, I'm starting to believe that it's my low self-esteem. But I never act out my clinginess/neediness, so at least that's a good thing.

    • You don't need to act out of it. It sticks to you like a bad odor. Women can sense when a guy has low confidence. It is like a black cloud that follows you. Start to talk to more people (especially women) and do not stick around after talking to them. Make a conversation quick and move on as practice. Soon your communication skills and confidence will go up. Also try to master certain things like different languages, exercises, a work skill etc. How you feel about you will affect everything

  • im the exact same way.. certain things play back in my mind over and over again