Is he hiding me to protect me from her drama?

So this guy flirts with me and this girl. I'm shy, she is not. She always interrupts the conversations that we have together and buts in. Now they do hang out but are not together. She's very possessive and always asks who he is texting etc. he has even text me in the same room and she almost snatched the phone. Hell usually tell her he's texting "a friend" or that "his friend" sent him the funny picture. Also I'd she's around, he won't text me. If he does, it's when she's not around. Hell glance at m too if I'm in the room. If I'm near, she'llake sure to be all kinky with him by changing the topic to sex. They're not together and it's like he's hiding me because of how she might react is what I'm guessing. Is this a good thing?


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  • He's probably a little afraid of the crazy pscho bitch and what she might do or say to him. The best thing you can do is just chill, talk to him nicely like you usually do and ignore her actions completely. It's called extinction and she will either stop behaving like a spoiled brat or leave you two alone and go bother other people. Either way, he knows who the better person is.

    • She's ALWAYS interrupting to the point that I got mad! It's rude you know?! So yea, it's odd, to be hidden. It's just she makes it this twisted competitive game and I'm so passive. I mean they hang out whereas he and I do not. She tries to take up all his time or talk bad about me, it's gross. Other people have told me she does this.

  • Not really, because he's not making things clear to her. Maybe they had something ? Maybe he doesn't know who to choose ?

    If I were you, I'd put my shyness aside and be more assertive with him. That means, if he really interests you.

    • Oh I have been feisty lately. I thought it may have pushed him away but now he is making more effort to talk to me. It's just weird because I don't know what to think of it!

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    • I think it's finally starting to sink in. This hiding thing is new. We shall see. Any advice as to what I should do.

    • Well as I said, have a little talk with him. Tell him you would like to hang out more, but you would like the 'time vampire' to be more distant. I mean, if she keeps doing that, next time he's drunk, he's hers.

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