Am I the one in the wrong?

I had an awkward experience with a girl last week who came on very strong at first then completely changed in the space of a couple of days and wanted to date other people. Yesterday she asked if I wanted to meet up with her, I agreed because I care about her, but I wanted to discuss our current circumstance. I told her to be at a pub at 13.30. When I arrived, she had already gone, but had text me at 13.11 asking what drink I wanted. I could not reach her or contact her. I waited for nearly 40 min and presumed I had been stood up. I left her a text saying sorry I had missed her and that I would contact her later as I had an appointment elsewhere. I got a rude text from her saying she had left because I had not arrived in a decent enough time. She had left before I had even arrived and did not want to wait. I've had some further angry texts about how I have stood her up, etc etc. The final being a 'get stuffed' type message. Not sure what to feel but I feel like I have been classed as in the wrong when she left before I got to the pub and considering I was paying for her meal. Am I in the wrong here?


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  • No she is over reacting, and if I were you, I would just let her cool down and wait until she's willing to hear an explanation.

    • I've not replied to her, but I am finding it tough because I like to talk things through. She has been keen on me paying for things since she is low on money and I was happy to do, but I kind of got the feeling I was being used there.

    • Don't pay for her stuff anymore, she doesn't deserve it, she needs to learn how to treat you right. Just because your late it doesn't mean that your flaking, what if it could've been an accident, this girl has not interest in you.

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