Should I text him first after hooking up?

So I met this guy at a party 3 weeks ago and we hooked up (mostly just cuddling and making out). And when he walked me back he asked for my number, so we texted a bit after that, like a few times a week. And texted me a day in advance if I wanted to hook up again and asked me if I was going out and that he wishes I was there. We hooked up again (didn't go any further than the first time) but this time he kept interlocking his fingers with mine. The last time I saw him was Saturday morning when he walked me back half way to my residence and kissed me good bye. And I haven't heard from him since and its been 3 days. I am some what interested in him but I can't tell if he wants more than just hook ups. Should I text him or just wait for him to text first? (we are both 18)


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  • If he's interested he will call, just be patient.


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