Do you think I should ask him out ?

Sooo my friend that I've known since 1st grade I have a crush on ! We hug and kiss on the cheek and he knows I like him ... My friends are pushing me to ask him out ! One of my close friends were texting him and he said should I ask her out even though it would be awkward since we've been friend for a long time ? And he told my friend I was Pretty ! so I think he likes me :) should I ask him out ?


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  • If it works out, it'll be great.

    If it doesn't, it'll probably suck.

    Oddly enough though, you'll probably end up meeting new friends eventually, but you might not get another chance to date him.

    It's all about risk versus outcome. Is what you might loose more or less important than what you might gain and what do you think the likely outcome is.

    There's nothing wrong with a relationship not working out, it happens and it's how we learn for the next one, but if he's a good friend, then it turns into a gamble.

  • Yes. Do it.


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