Choosing the wrong people, got any pointers on choosing the right ones?

I probably have one of the worst track records around or at least making the top 100. I can't say I've dated a lot of women, but my track record reads like traffic accident.

I don't date just anyone, I do go out on first and second dates often enough, and I never get into a relationship unless I feel I know a little about who and what the person is and I know that takes time. that's some times the problem too because a lot of the good ones (seen in hindsight) usually put me into the friend zone by then.

the ones that I do end up dating seem to gut me like a fish in the end. So far all my GFs have used me in some way, in school it was for protection, or to get into my social circle. later it was to have adventure because I travel and according to my friends I live a thrilling life (personally I think its average), or to get a hold of my business contacts. or like my latest girlfriend they bleed me and cheat on me, while I put them through school and fund there fashion addiction.

I know most of people are would to say I shouldn't show my wealth, truth is I don't have much wealth. I'm working at $30/hr I own a house I'm fixing up doing a bit day by day, I'm not any better off then the college guys renting next door. I'm just the type of person who can rub two pennies together and make dimes, making money is easy to me, making business contacts is even easier. relationships however seem near impossible.

I'm the type of person where I strive for my objective and make new ones always trying to improve myself before I ask anything of anyone else. when I'm with someone I always try and help them with what they want in there life too, or watch if they want to do it on there own. because of things like this I seem to improve or enrich lives around me. or as I'm told I turn peoples lives around and show them the best of what they can be. apparently that attracts the good, the bad and the ones that are just ugly on the inside.

what I am doing wrong? does anyone have any suggestions, hints? in 15 years of dating I've never had a girlfriend that actually cared about me, if anything I think my choices in women are actually getting worse. all my friends keep telling me not to change who I am, I just need to stop choosing women who are "not worthy of me" and I'm quite sure it's good advise considering the debris left in my past but I have no idea how to do that or even where to start. nor do I have any idea how they expect me to figure out if someone is "worthy", even thinking about it seems narcissistic.

so please give a starting point, a hint, at this point I may even take a confusing proverb.


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  • Hi there, my best suggestion is for you to go to church. Find a woman that knows what the important things in life are, which is not using people, material things etc. It may even help you with guidance on the women that you choose to be able to pick these women out. It also sounds like you hold these things to be important yourself and you may possibly being using these things to lure women to you and then when they use you for you whatever you used to lure them you don't like it however they will continue to expect you to do what you did to get them. Maybe you should try dating someone that already has what you have (her own house, car, etc.). If you do not like this then you will need to take a step back and examine not why these women keep using you but why these women that use you make you feel better about yourself and what you consider to be your success and material things that you have accummulated. God Bless

  • Sorry wish I could help, I have the same problem always picking troubled guys. Try just dating until you find the right girl...


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