Kissing a stranger !

I met this guy at a club on Saturday. He offered to buy me drink and we hit off a really decent conversation. twenty mintes into the conversation, he tells me that he really wanted to kiss me and he asks me if he could kiss me. I said maybe and tried to continue our conversation. About fifteen seconds after I started talking, he moved in and kissed me. (He was pretty good looking so I let him kiss me)

I didn't make out with him because I really didn't know him after, but we kissed like three times at least! He wanted me to stay at the club longer, but I left with my girls. He asked me to give I'm my number and I did, and then that was it. He said he'd call sometime, but obviously I don't expect him to call.

So I wanted to know, if it is okay for you to kiss a complete stranger? And when a guy does that to you, is he kind of just trying to see if he could take me home? And is it bad that I let him kiss me that many times?

I'm 21, and I'm not exactly to kind of girl that parties real hard all the time. More like the tom boy-ish kind of girl.


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  • Eh.

    Seems like he just wanted to try something, and if he got something out of it cool, if not cool.

    I"m going to assume that he wanted to hang out and see where that went sexually.

    Not bad at all! Just don't make a habit about it, or next thing you know, you'll be one of "those" people.

    • very true. but what do you mean by making it a habit? I assume something like kissing random guys as a habit?

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    • so I should kind of just push him off...or do something to just chill out? this guy is the first stranger I have ever kissed, but we do have mutual friends.

      i think I will just take you advice tho! thanks

    • I'm not saying its wrong!

      But if you're not entirely comfortable with that, then maybe you should just back off next time.

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