I need peoples opinions

ok well I was just at my girlfriends, I hugged her and said bye I walked out the dorr and waked off her deck she came outside and said bye to me and see you tomorrow did she want to kiss?


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  • haha yeah man... she did. When you walk your girl home, your about to say goodbye and leave inside her house, and she gets out her keys and plays with them or brings up random subjects to talk about, etc. (stalling time)

    NOTHING is a bigger hint than that

    • could I just walk up to her tomorrow and kiss her ? when she comes to my house in the morning?

    • nah, I think you missed your chance (just for that night tho). Next night tho

    • no man I wasn't even with her after that I meant like today, I'm gonna see if she wants to just hang out at my place, cause she wants me to go hang out at her school.

  • LOL! Yes...

    • lol should I just walk up to her tomorrow and kiss her?

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    • If you have the guts, yes.

    • well I know that I want too, and she's coming over tomorrow morning so ill jsut walk up to her and kiss her, I know were a couple so that's what I should do :)

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