Does kissing her feets works as a turn-on for her ? Do Girls like it?

Last night when I were removing my ex's pants she just put her feet on my face and I did kiss on her feet although

"IT WAS NOT STINKY OR SWEATY", it was well cleaned and were nicely polished and when I planted those 2-3 kisses on her feet she moaned really deep.

But later when I asked her about placing her feet on face and mouth , she said I love the tickling sensation it gives

then thought that she wanted her feet to be licked and kissed more.


Does it works as a

turn-on for her ?

Girls would you like your feets to be licked and kissed if they are clean enough?

Does it works as a turn-on?



Okay just texted me that you've never noticed that I always get my feets pedicured before s** and she always expect me to lick it ?

I should do it if she really likes it right ?

What say?


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  • Every woman is different, so I will speak subjectively here.

    I've never had any experiences like this, to be honest. But studdies have shown that a woman's feet are related to her sexual arousal. For example, women have a hard time becoming aroused (or getting off) when they have cold feet. And foot massages before sex are said to be a powerful aphrodisiac for women as well. Frankly, whatever works for you both is whatever works. Go with it if you are both comfortable with it.


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  • If she seems to like it, do it to her!

  • Not for me,however many people in general have sort of a foot fetish. I suppose its normal.


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