Texting while drunk...what are the outcomes?

When you are texting while a little drunk what are the outcomes? Do you lie? tell the truth? exaggerate? I got a text last night that kind of shocked me with what the guy was saying...In general how does your texting when you are sober differ to your texting while you are drunk? (not yakking everywhere drunk, just slightly drunk hahah)


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  • Drunken words are sober thoughts.

    For example you have a huuuge crush on some guy. You get drunk whilst thinking about him. You text him admitting it all.

    You lose your verbal filter when you're drunk. So basically you say everythig and anythig that comes across your mind and you're very forthcomig with it.

    One of my guy friends always texts me drunk saying a lot of really inapproriate types of things. One of my sisters friends texts her and tells he she's the most beautiful girl he's ever met

    Drunk texting never really works out for people.. Lol


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  • Your inhibitions are lowered when you're drunk, so you are more likely to say things drunk that you'd never say when you're sober.

    That doesn't necessarily mean they are true.

    Guys often come out with all sorts of strange ideas and promise their mates they will do it, but it's not true. (Like let's pool all our money and buy a bar.)


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  • I'm a lot more flirty and straightforward. I'm flirty most of the time, but I'll hold my tongue sober if it's with a guy that I'm not sure about or who might take it the wrong way. When I'm drunk I'll just come out and say I think a guy is sexy or something to that effect. I'm almost more likely to initiate talking to a guy when I'm drunk.

  • The filter between your brain and mouth disappears when you're drunk. Drink doesn't make the truth come out it makes words come out. I've worked in bars most of my life and can tell you when people are drunk they talk sh*t.

    As for the whole drunk texting thing- I had a guy drunk text me practically every weekend for years-it means nothing. What a guy does sober is what counts.

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