Why isn't he answering my texts?

At my friends party, this guy came to talk to me and later we kissed. The next day he texted me and we started chatting a little. We met again on Tuesday and we got along really well! At the end we hugged and I headed home. We texted everyday afterward and I said it would be nice to meet again in the weekend. (not the next weekend, but a week after because we were both busy) He said it would be fun and we continued the texting.

Somewhere along the way it felt like I was always the one starting the conversation(texting), when usually it was him and the next day me and the next him etc., so I chose to let him start the next time... but he never did. I waited for about three days and than I texted him asking "What's up?" and never got an answer. At first I didn't really think anything of it (I know how time consuming texting can be so I left him alone in case he was busy), but after a week I was worried. Now it's Wednesday and we're supposed to meet on Friday. I left him a message in Facebook asking about what he wanted to do on our date, but he never answered that either (although it's only been a day or so...). I understand totally if he isn't interested anymore, that isn't the thing I'm worried about, but it's the fact that I don't know why he suddenly stopped. He didn't seem like the type of guy to just give me the cold shoulder. I can't ask him directly because we don't go to the same school or go to the same places.

My question is: Do you know why he might have stopped texting? Is there a way I could get him to answer me?


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  • To be honest, us men are confusing creatures at times. The possibilities are endless when thinking of why he stopped texting you. All I can say is that you shouldn't take it personally because he may be busy with school work/job/stressed with life.

    First off, if you sent him a text simply reading "What's up" then he may have taken that as a lack of effort on your part to start a conversation. A short text like that without much essence is actually one of my pet peeves. Send him another text with an inside joke you two had or say "Hey what's up [insert nickname]. How's your day going?" Nicknames and pet names have been proven to build strong relationships. He may respond to that.

    If all else fails you can always go back to the 90s and try to call him ha!

    • Thanks for the answer. I think I shouldn't be taking it personally as well, since I know texting can be a pain in the ass. And the text really did include my nickname for him and asking about how his tests are going (we're in high school and it's currently our test week). I think I'll send him one more text incase he had his phone turned off while taking a test,(that was when I sent my message) but that's it. I consider my time important and not worth wasting on a guy like this. :)

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  • Hi there, I recently got married so I am not that far out of the dating game lol but my dating motto was always whether I end it or he ends it, its over and its better to know now than later. Maybe he saw something that he knew would not work for him, instead of wishing it worked out you should be happy that you know now, especially men that are capable of pulling the disappearing act lol imagine if you already had feelings and he disappears when he doesn't want to talk. Let this guy be. You may find in the future that once you leave him alone that he might start contacting you but you have to not fall for this as it will not be for you it will be because his ego wants to know why you stopped contacting him similiarly to why you want to know why he stopped. Its really not about him, the real issue is that you probably feel like did he stop because something is wrong with you and its not always the case. If there is something about you that you don't like then work on it but if not then move on and wait for a man that appreciates you exactly how you are. My concern however is kissing someone that you just met. Men think the same way women do. If you would do something with him then who else would you do that with. You are a special person in God's eyes so treat and present yourself that way and men will respect you and the ones that don't consider it a weeding out process where you get rid of them quicker as they will disappear when you are not willing to give things up and you can truly see why they are dealing with you and what they are about. Believe me I have lived it they will qucikly disappear when they are just after the wrong thing and you are not giving that to them. Consider it a blessing instead of wondering why they are not staying. God Bless

    • Thanks for your answer. I totally agree with you about kissing a guy you just met, but I was in the moment so it wasn't anything special for me and I don't assume it was special for him either :) It's not what I usually do.

      I've already decided that if he doesn't contact me before our date, than I'm not interested. And even if he did I'm quite sure I just want to be friends if he's like this. I just don't want to judge him based on texting and that's why I would like to meet him in person :D