The guy is great for girls if?

The guy is great for girls if is: Financially independent, a gentleman or great in sex?

  • Financially independent
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  • A gentleman
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  • Great in sex
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  • If he has all of them. If he is only great in sex and is not a gentlemen or financially independent, then what is he? A male stripper? Or a womanizer. Take your pick. If he's just a gentlemen but not financially independent or good at sex, he's most likely a man with no ambition that's looking to be friends with girls. He will never get a wife because any girl will know that she just can't marry someone with no ambition or any skill in the bedroom. He's like a broke friend. If he's only financially independent, no relationship would last. He doesn't treat you nicely and is not sexually satisfying. If I could only pick one of these in a guy, I would move along happily in my life with no guy.


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  • If I had to choose ,give me a gentleman anyday

  • All of the above.

  • If a guy can only manage to be one of these three, he isn't such a catch.


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