Girls, how would you want to be asked out?

How would you like a guy to ask you out so as to not make you feel uncomfortable, especially if he is your friend? And in what format would you prefer? Would you rather it be in person, letter, Facebook, text, etc?

Let me also clarify, that by asking out, I'm referring more to the prospect of becoming BF/GF, not as in asking you out to go on a dinner date.


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  • Definitely in person. It's so much better that way, because it's more personal and special. And I'd say to do it when you two are alone, or at least when nobody is paying attention to you. Like after school as everyone is leaving or something, so you two have some privacy. Girls don't typically like it when a big production is made of being asked out, which will happen if you ask her out in front of friends. Maybe ask her out over a dinner date, or at the mall, or whenevery you guys are together and not with a bunch of friends or something.


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  • I think when a guy asks me out for dinner he has a more romantic intention, but maybe that's just me.

    Anyways, just ask her. Most girls don't make a fuss on how a guy asks her, she's just glad he asked!

    Just ask her if she wants to go to the movies or something, just the two of you.

    Unless the two of you hang out "alone" more often? then maybe you could mention the word "date"?

    Just ask, maybe she's waiting for you to ask her because she doesn't dare asking herself ;)

    Good luck!

    • This girl is part of my closer group of friends, we generally hang out in a group, so that is one of the issues. It's hard to get her alone. I thought about asking her to go see a movie or get dinner or something, but I thought that might also might look a bit awkward, plus she would probably assume, I was just making plans for everyone and not just her since that's how my group of friends usually works. We just mass text everyone. So she would probably out of habit invite other people.

    • Then mention that you wanna be just with her. Like: you wanna catch a movie with me sometime? you know, just us hanging out?

      Or you could mention the word "date", then she'll defo think it's just the two of you.

  • I'm into the direct approach..Meaning face to face...Then chat about whatever honestly and openly...If the question is about a relationship..I have already decided that answer to be yes if asked(why) because if I was not happy or satisfied in the dating stage I would have left situation before it would become to complex..And if I stayed its because I really like you/him

    • The 2nd part of your response makes sense, however it isn't really applicable to me, because this is my friend. I'm kinda on the fence on whether or not she likes me. She is just one of those girls where it can be a bit hard to tell due to her personality. I plan on asking her face to face, but I wanted to make sure I brought it up in a way that wouldn't make her feel uncomfortable, especially if she isn't interested. I don't want to make things awkward afterwords if the answer is no.

  • If it's asking in regards of starting a relationship, DEFINITELY in person.


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