Going from complete strangers to a couple. Have you ever succeeded in this nearly impossible feat?

Going from complete strangers to a couple...

Yes apparently all relationships start this way, but I have failed at it time and time again..

Just wondering how this is accomplished...

I added my crush on Facebook and I see him in the hallways maybe once a day...We have mutual friends...He doesn't know me...HMMM...What to do?

Tell me your story!


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  • try talking to him and see if you really like him as much as you think , you still don't really know him that well at this point


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  • Get to know him as a friend first.

    • BUT HOW? .______. that is my goal, but every time I have tried this I have been turned down/called creepy/ life ruined etc etc, what would you doooo?

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    • What are girls lying about when they say that?

    • @kain6th they want to avoid hurting their male friends feelings, because they really do make good friends... they just don't see what they are looking for in a boyfriend in the male friends

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