Girls is it possible to like a guy too much that you?

After a rough ex long term relationship (of 3 years and a proposal which you didn't want) and a guy that cheated on you before that long term ex...

Is it possible to meet and date a new guy for a few months and like him so much that you feel you need to work on yourself first because of your history before you go full in with that guy.

And as well as liking him so much that after you two decide to stop seeing each other that you play it safe and watch what you say to him (in terms of feelings and where you see yourself in the future, near or far)

Have you ever gone to such drastic measures to protect yourself, him, and any chance of you two getting back together in the future?


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  • Yes, I have. Its not an easy place to be, but if I want to work through the baggage, to have an amazing relationship... then its worth it. I would rather enriching or enhancing someone else's life instead of sucking the life out of the relationship with my baggage.

    • So you stopped seeing him? did you go back to him? did you guys start seeing each other again?

    • I am currently in the middle of it right now. I would like to get back into a relationship with him, buti don't know if be will wait for me to work things out. Its not fair of me to want him to wait, but

    • I am the guy in this situation. It kills me because we saw each other for 4 months and it was perfect then when I brought up where it was going she started to get scared and realized that because of her previous relationships she's not ready right now for a serious thing. I she doesn't say much now in terms of feelings because she says she doesn't want to lead me on and wants me to live my life. I'm just afraid I'm going to lose her to some new guy and that she won't come to me first

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