Why would a woman not respond to your texts if you had great chemistry when you were together?

I went out with this girl twice and we had amazing chemistry together. I haven't felt this way about someone in years. Anyway she does not talk on the phone. She only texts. I know she is "dating other guys" which is fine. Anyway she would always respond to my texts if not she would text me. I know she likes me and she was really hurt in her last relationship. She was putting her guard down and now it is back up completely and she has not responded to my text. The last time I texted her 3 time. One text each time in the course of a week. She texted me back then I sent her one and she didn't respond. Then she didn't respond to my text. I was so confident at first, I could feel she was into. Now I'm just like what the f***kkk. Any advice. Help me please.


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  • She's avoiding you ..she's just not that into you. Perhaps it was just YOU who felt the chemistry. Either way..the only way you CAN get peace of mind is if you ask her about it...Like, "I felt something..Did you?" She'll tell you upfront what she thinks.


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  • My best advice would be to wait for her to contact you again. Maybe send her a text telling her that when she wants to see you, she can still contact you.

    If she's not in the mood right now, you sending texts to her would just be troublesome to her.

    So don't be too impatient, that would only make her distance herself more, give her some time to sort her stuff out, and then if she likes you, she'll get back to you.

    • I am a man of instant gratification. I am very impatient. Thanks for the advice

    • Hehe understandable, especially if you like her a lot. But women think only them have the right to be impatient ;)

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