MYSTEFIED ABOUT GUYS - I am tired of leading both guys on, I need advice on which one I should choose?

I had gotten to know Guy A for over a year and we were quite close at one stage. It had gotten to the point where everyone at school assumed we were going out. He hasn't admitted to liking me to my face, but he knows that I know. However, he hasn't asked me out all of this time because "he thinks I'll say no" (direct quote from a mutual friend).

Anyway, we got back to school from the holidays and I had decided that I didn't want to keep leading him on/keep being close to him if we weren't going to go out. So I avoided him for a few weeks... But then I missed him, so I started talking to him again.

Right now, some days I avoid talking to him properly, whilst other days we have the greatest of times together, and there is a whole bunch of mixed signals flying around!

Guy A and I have the same group of friends (which is both a pro and a con), is an all round great person, and is an alright-looking guy.

This afternoon, one of our friends pulled me aside and told me that Guy A was going to ask me to go the School Formal (equivalent to the Prom in Australia) with him.

On the other hand, I met Guy B at my youth group a few weeks ago who is smart, who makes me laugh, who I talk to regularly and who is goddamn gorgeous. He asked me out to the movies a week ago. However, I'm unsure about where this is going and I don't want it to go any further without knowing what I am doing with Guy A.

Is it true that if you truly like some, then you wouldn't start liking someone else?

Because I think that I have slight feelings for both of them and I don't want to keep doing this, because I feel like I am betraying them both :S ... I know I sound like such a prissy person asking for help like this, but I really need some non-biased opinions! Thank you for your help in advance :)


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  • "Is it true that if you truly like some, then you wouldn't start liking someone else?"

    Haha, bullsh*t. You can like two people at once; god knows any guy can tell you that. However, unless you wish to be in an open relationship or swinging, you'll have to make a choice. Or, you can date both of them and not be exclusive. However, if those don't sound appealing to you, then you'll have to make a choice.

    Guy A reminds me of my younger self, and Guy B seems much more like my current self. Guy A seems too scared to take a risk, which is what the beginnings of a relationship are all about: risks. Guy B, however, might potentially be too risky, but I couldn't tell you that for sure based on what I've read. Guy A sounds like he'll be more loyal to you, but at the cost of excitement and the fact that you might have to take more risks, something I know young women are fairly terrible at or terribly scared of lol. Guy B will take the risks, but he could be the kind of guy who takes too many risks to begin with, or his eyes might wander much more easily if you catch my drift. Cost/benefit analysis: do you want a more stable relationship where you have to take all the risks and potentially be bored as hell? Or do you want to take the risk of not taking risks in order to have something more easy, simple, and exciting? Your choice.

    Cheers from NY, USA


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  • No it's alright to like more then one person at the same time. And it sounds like your have mixed feelings about Guy A. You can go to prom with one guy and a movie with another, its not a crime. Your not committed to either of then and honestly it might be a good idea to see which one you like better.

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