Is it normal to text a guy all day everyday and be nothing but friends?

OK so I'm super confused, I've been texting this guy for about a month and a half and we say good morning practically everyday but we always say goodnight. We have good conversation and he's always saying how he's there for me and we really are there for each other. He also says he wants to get to know me but I feel if he wants to get to know me better than lets actually hang out. Anyways my question is, is it normal for me to be talking to him everyday all day without it being more than just friends I have no idea what this guy wants. Please help.


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  • Are you romantically interested in him? If so, why don't you send him a message asking him if he is interested in you, romantically, straight up? If he is, then ask him out and go from there (or he may even ask you out). If not, then you stay friends and nothing really changes except that you aren't left wondering about it and asking schmucks like me on the Internet =P

    In all seriousness, guys are simple and appreciate a straight forward approach, more often than not. Give it a try would be my suggestion.

    • Okay so I guess I failed to mention this... this same thing happened with the same guy two years ago lets just say it didn't end well he broke my heart. So with that said I'm to scared to ask straight up like last time do you just think I should start breaking away from this guy?

    • Did he cheat on you? If that was the reason you were hurt then I would say move on. At your age (assuming the guy is 18 to 24 too here) guys like that generally have a lot of growing to do still. Don't get too into the texts or too emotionally involved unless you feel he has grown. Alternately, asking female friends for advice if you feel you can't trust yourself would be good too. Girlfriends are good at spotting bad guys if your own judgement is compromised, according to my sister.

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  • Im in a similar situation and maybe he is getting to know you before he asks you out, he could be unsure or hesitant for many reason. maybe he's a little shy or he isn't the type to just jump right into something with out being sure. If he is talking to you that much then its definitely a good start. be patient and you will eventually know, if not then just ask him..