I know I know it's another one but really....indulge me

Ok so there is this guy, we've been friends for a while and every now and again he puts off vibes that he might be interested in being more than friends. The first time it happened I was a little put off by it. I honestly wasn't expecting it and I was a shallow bitch...more concerned with what my other friends might say. The second time his timing was awful. I was dating someone else and we were really serious...like four years together serious...then the last time well my timing was off because I didn't realize what he was doing until he decided to give up and he decided to give girls a rest and focus on school. Now he's back again and I'm honest to God interested. He's good and kind, sweet and funny, corny and nerdy, protective and strong, he's a great listener, he's got his head on his shoulders and not in a cloudy sky, he has a job, he's respectful to his mother, he protects his sisters (he's the only boy and he's the eldest) and he's religious (which is really important to me because my last boyfriend and I broke up because he said I'd rather be doing church stuff than spend time with him and that I was a boring and narrow minded religious freak). So I'm dropping all of the hints that I'm interested too but my goodness the man can be so dense sometimes...the only thin I Haven't done is written it out or thrown myself at him...i like subtle approaches but like that doesn't work for him. I don't want to rush this but I can see this working out really well for us and I don't want to continuing wasting time like we are already doing. I just want some advice right now...a little rub on the head telling me whether or not I'm doing the right thing.


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  • It sounds like you've known this guy for a long while. What stops you from telling him that you're interested in him?

    Ask him out, make your intentions more verbal. Guys will still be guys and sometimes you have to be precise and simple with what you want, especially if you want to stop wasting your time.