Do Opposites attract or should you pick the girl like you?

I kind of like this one girl who is really pretty, in a sorority, out going liberal. I tend to be average looking, not greek, shy and conservative.

But there is this other girl I am talking to who is into a lot of the same things as me. And she is also an awesome person.

I am conflicted as to who I should peruse.

So I should pick the girl who is like me.


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  • my ex and I had nothing in common... and I mean NOTHING. I tried to justify it by using the "opposites attract" statement. it was one of my worst relationships ever.

    my current boyfriend and I don't have the same interests, but our morals, goals, and values are similar. we both attend church, want to get married and have kids, love our families, and love each other. that's what makes our relationship go. and we are both learning about new and exciting things in the mean time!:)

    my point is... go with the girl that your soul is going to be content with. the one that is going to satisfy what you need deep down. the girl that doesn't line up morally, spiritually, etc. won't make you happy. she'll just bring you anxiety.

    • I think I know which one is best then.

    • no, because I don't know anything about either of these girls' backrounds.

    • I mean I know how I think I want

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  • pursue the girl who has common interests. Sure being interested in different things is fun at first, but it gets old, fast. The one who shares interests with you will always have things to talk about. You can maintain an interesting fun relationship with this girl, where the other one would be more suited for a quick fling.

    • You sure

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    • well you could always ask both girls on a date and see who you have more chemistry with

    • well I realisticly only could see the one like me saying yes the one that is not is liked by lots of guys.

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  • Pick the girl who is more like you. Opposites attract because everything is new and different, but it burns out fast when there is nothing in common.

  • Perhaps you should go for the second one. Birds of a feather flock together. Those differences in views you have with the first girl will rear their ugly heads sooner or later.

    • Thanks I feel I have a better chance with her anyways