How can I turn him on?

There is this guy that I text all the time. He is older than me and I know that he wants sex and what not. Is there a way that I can hint at a dirty conversation without intiating it?

I don't want to be the one to start it...and I've never texted anyone like that before. please!


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  • Firstly, I hope he's not THAT much older than you. Why don't you want to initiate it? If he has sexual feelings for you I'm sure he'd appreciate some sexting action.

    • No he's only 3 years older than me lol, it's not a big deal. But I don't know how to...and I would rather him do it. But I want a way to hint at it.

    • He's 2 years older than bad haha

    • Ask him what he finds sexy about you and see if he runs with it. A few of these never hurt: ;)

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  • Ask him if he's Joey Tribiani. If he isn't, you're SOL

    By the way, I don't condone older men with women not of age

    • What do you mean? I'm 15 he's 17...(okay I guess that's 2 years oops lol)

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  • Well, don't lead him on if you seriously aren't puting out and I must say that a lot of older guys use younger girls, because of the innocence factor. Its easy to start a dirty conversation by leading him in the direction you want. Ask, him if he wants a massage and then ask where. When he says something like his back ask is that the only you want me to massage? ;) well, this a novice move that works pretty well lol I actually do this a lot to older guys, because I like to play dirty ;)

    • Haha, good idea! I don't know though...I'm just too shy I feel to be so straight forward. Is there any other subtle ways I can start it?

    • Well, it depends on how many opprotunities arise during your conversations. I can't really just tell you exactly what to say because you have to lead the coversation. Maybe you can practice this with a friend or something to gain the confidence?