Subtle ways to start dirty conversation

I want to subtly start a dirty convo with this guy I text all the time. I want him to intiate it, but I feel like I need to hint it to him.

But nothing too straightforward...because I'm pretty shy and I don't want him to think I'm stupid.


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  • Say if in a bath. Or you just had a great workout for it ass. stuff like that

    • Uhh what?

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    • Oh okay! I kind of figured that was what you meant. Do you think he will actually respond to these with something sexual or dirty though? What if he just says something like oh okay?

    • if he says 'oh ok; then he is a boring boy.

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  • Use your imagination, tell him you went bra shopping, or something like that, or your boobs hurt, just come up with something.

    • You don't think that would be weird to say? like if he asked what I was doing and I said bra shopping...that wouldn't be weird?

    • No just say you already bought a new bra or panties or something, or find a way to talk about his d-ck by using normal conversation words that are common like "hard" "balls" "wet" "p-ssy" like a cat, and then maybe he'll take the bait and start talking a little more dirty with you

    • Gosh I'm so bad at this lol

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  • Say 'I went shopping today' when he asks you how your day was.

    And he may ask, "What'd you get'

    And respond: "Oh, some shirts, a necklace.. some bras..."

    He'll get the hint.

    • Alright good, what fi he doesn't ask what I got?

      And should I say I'm shopping even if I'm not? lol

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    • Lol. I would say this, because I have no problem talking about my bras and what not. But I don't want him to think I'm a freak :/

    • Please. Stop over analyzing this. He will not think you're a freak he will think its hot, unless he's a freak himself. Hell, you can tell your friends you went bra shopping and they won't think you're a freak, jst send the text