Girls(and guys too)Should I ask this girl out, or not? *please read all*

There's this girl I have a crush on that I have a complicated history with(I've had her in a couple of classes).

We started talking during winter break.

Asked her out for the weekend before winter quarter started, but she bailed on me for her gfs. Then on the 2nd week of school, she approaches me in class and starts talking to me and showing me interest. We started really talking and always sitting next to each other and hung out like twice during the quarter, but I never really officially asked her out after. I think I confused her and made her impatient, and she started hinting to me about guys that were hitting on her(and saying she might go out with them), and testing me to make me jealous. I got confused and thought she was trying to friend zone me, but I understood now. But still, for the most part we were pretty good friends who had chemistry and she would tell me about her personal life. I never asked her out after winter break partly because of pride for being rejected the first time and I dunno.. After that, she told me she was about to go out with some guy, and things went down hill after that for the rest of the quarter(I kind of ignored her--but not because of that.. But because I felt like she wasn't putting a lot of effort in class and I didn't want to help her out in the final). It got awkward and I felt bad and apologized(I probably shouldn't have) But after we were done, we kind of started talking again.

NOW:Spring quarter started on Monday, and she is in 2 of my classes. Things are really awkward now. We haven't really sat next to each other (well I tried once) or made full eye contact. But I did talk to her on the bus stop on Tuesday. On Thursday, before 2nd class started.. I noticed she was studying on a bench outside.. And I walked past by her. I'm sure she noticed.. Because

I walked to this grassy area and sat to read the book for class.. And I noticed like 10 minutes later, I see her like 100 ft in front of me and sitting down also. I didn't go up to her.. But right before class started, I walked to class and I saw her, and I just felt like she gave me this ugly look. I said hi and said" what's up", and she said she was reading. During class, I kind of broke down and just texted her if we were still friends and I apologized if I did anything to make her mad. Yes, I regretted sending that text.

Right now I don't know what to do. Things are really awkward between us, and we have 10 more weeks ahead of us. I can't bare to "ignore" her for the whole time, because I do have feelings for her and I don't want to lose her as a friend. It hurts a lot. I don't know how she feels about me right now, but I'm thinking about calling her up tomorrow or Saturday and making it clear--for a "study date" on Sunday and going to a restaurant after--in our university town. I don't know how she'll react.. But at least I would get my intentions clear out of the way.. right?

PLEASE read my story. I know it's somewhat lengthy, but I broke it down to a couple of paragraphs. I don't know what to do.. We have a bit of history, and I don't want to lose her as a friend.. I do like her, and I feel like she thinks I tried playing mind games with her or something.. I dunno. I feel like I don't have much of a choice but to ask her out/show her that I'm interested--and see if she replies back. I'd rather get rejected and stay friends, than not being friends at all. /=

Or maybe I should skip out on asking her out, and call her up to see if she wanted to "hang out" on Sunday to study at the school library and eat out after.. and then maybe see if I can get a feel of what she feels for me, before asking her out?

My #1 priority is trying to be on good terms with her and sitting next to her in class(if possible) and building the trust.

. I was thinking also on Tuesday to ask if she wanted to study/read also, before our 2nd class started.. should i?
any opinions from any ladies?


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  • I think you should first talk to her and get an understanding of how she feels about you. Then maybe you could ask her out.

    • That's the thing.. We haven't really talked for a while. I mean small talk, but not much meaningful heart to heart talk for like a month now. Things are so awkard between us.

      She hasn't been replying to my texts as much lately.. And when I tried talking to her on Thursday, she was really cold.I don't call very often, but do you think I should? Don't know what to say..

      I am thinking of asking her to hang out on Tuesday before 2nd class starts to study, not sure how she'll respond.

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    • check out this link. Pretty good tips in regards to flirting with women!


    • I don't think things are gonna work out between us. Thanks for hte advice though.

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  • Yes but everything you're doing is what an alpha would not do.

    • Everything I've done or what I'm thinking of doing?

      I know I've regretted past mistakes, but I"m talking about what to do NOW.

      What do you suggest?

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    • I'm just simply asking if she wanted to study.. I dunno

      . Wanted to give it one last shot.

      And it's hard to just move on, since I see her for 4 hours, 2 days a week each... >_>

    • Toughen up.