Who to pursue? Are the feelings mutual? One shot.

I am currently in a state of contemplation. Recently in school I have becomd good friends with some great people. There are of course, as always, attractive girls in this group. Now I am one of the least superficial guys out there, but no one really thinks looks don't matter. They do. Just not as much a personality. I digress. Anyways, I am a very picky dater, not because I am a d***, but because I don't initiate anything that I don't feel could really make me happy everyday. And while having a beautiful girlfriend doesn't hurt, having one that you can carry on an academic conversation is out of this world. I love not having to dumb down any of my words. Being able to know the girl gets me. I Haven't had a girlfriend for 2 years, just because I Haven't found anyone. She is beautiful, intellegent, and she doesn't look like a dwarf when she stands next to me:P

I'm just not sure whether she's romantically, or platonically interested in me. We really click when we do talk, and I think we're a really fine pair. Now I've always thought that the dumb highchool guy in the movies talking to a girl was way exagerated, but that's how I feel. I get tottaly nervous around her and I hope that's not turning her off.

Secondly, I am also attracted to some of her friends, not nearly as deeply, yet. But they are all such close friends, I feel like only one of them can ever be dated by one guy.

I would just like some advice on how to tell of she's into me, and how not to be so nervous. Confidence is never an issue for me, but around her I get all foggy. I just Haven't liked someone in a long time and I'm so glad to have found her. She is so perfect and I really don't wanna f*** it up.

Thsnks for reading this long question.


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  • Firstly I commend you on you're girlfriend material preference and your honesty. I love when a guy is nervous around me because it shows he's interested but only if I'm interested too. If I'm not it makes me uncomfortable and I'll try to avoid him. You have to figure out are you willing to lose any possible chances of being with any of her friends if it means you might have a chance with her.

    Its hard to know if she's interested without knowing what her personality is like. Is she friendly, is she more reserved, does she approach you, does she spend time one on one with you, does she have guy friends?

    • She seems friendly, and she has other guy friends. We all ussually hang out together. I'm ussually not speaking to her one on one, more so to everyone in the group. We do, however, have timeb togther. She hasn't had a boyfriend in a long time either.

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    • Thanks so much.

    • The very best of luck. Thanks for ba

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