So confused. I need some impartial opinions

Long story, but me and him worked together, weren't close friends or anything, I moved away, we kept in contact. It began with just gossip updates every now and then until it progressed to daily conversations.Then the drunk texts started. Normally anything said drunk I take with a pinch of salt because I really don't believe its the truth,truth, but this went on for years. The texts ranged from "you're amazing", "i love you", "i want you", "i'm yours if you're mine" "i think I'm in love" . We had long normal conversations too and I don't think there was every a time he didn't answer me.We did have phone sex and text sex until I said it had to stop. It did for a while but started up again until a few months ago and now we don't talk at all. We've never met in 4 years due to other relationships, family, school etc, etc but neither of us really pushed for it either, but he did ask me. But then turned around and told me he was flattered when I said I was interested in him.

I never took anything he said seriously and don't know if he ever was. I know you're going to say ask him but unfortunately I think both of us suffer from a pride thing and so will never ask. Various friends have given me various opinions ranging from 'yes he was interested but thought you weren't', 'he was just interested in sex', 'now the text/phone sex is gone so is he'. I've kinda given up but I still want to know what was it exactly that happened

So guys are girls if you were in this situation what would your thoughts be.

And thanks for reading.


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  • When someones drunk they'll say anything. The plain truth is you both should meet again and you'll know If you feel the same way as before. It's been 4 years something has to be there between you two. Don't listen to negative comments from friends. Meet him face to face, not texting you're feelings. Talk to him and ask if he has any interest in you. Be honest, and ask if all he wants is sex. I know this is eating you and you need closer in order to go on even if he's not in you're life. Take care :)

    • Before we worked together that was it. This has all happened since I moved we haven't met since my last day at work. All the texts about feelings were from him not me, I put it all down to drunken stupidity. I will probably never meet him because too much has happened and I'm moving on with my life not going backwards. If something was going to happen it would have by now

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    • I feel for you. Try you're best to put it to rest. I know it hurts, that's the way love is. That's why they call it heartbroken. I'm sure there is someone else for you that will mend it. :)

    • I'm not heartbroken at all just pissed off. To be heartbroken I'd have to be in love

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