He said he considers me a "good friend"...what's next?? any advice?

So we were kinda seeing each other long distance for 4 months or so. He called me baby, we would flirt, he would say the sweetest things, call me everyday just to ask how my day was and what I was doing the next day, he would say he missed me and he said that he wished he could wake up next to me, etc.

he went MIA then came back and apologized but he hasn't treated me the same since. I told him last week that I was done trying and that I deserve better and he responded saying that he considers me a good friend and nothing else can happen because of the distance but he doesn't want to stop talking to me because he thinks I'm an amazing person...what?! So confused. I didn't respond and we haven't talked since.. any advice?


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  • you have 2 choices either accept your new relationship status or you don't and continue not talking to him. He has obviously made the decision not to pursue a romantic relationship with you there is no way to change his mind

  • Welcome to the friendzone (insert twilight zone music here).


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