Why do some fail miserable yet others suceed at online dating?

myself I tried it a couple years ago and messaged numerous singles only to go absolutely nowhere other than a few messages that lead nowhere not a single date . I found the whole experience rather frustrating and annoying . I sort of gave up on it back then and focused on meeting people in real life instead .

yet I know others who were successful , my sister meet her recent boyfriend online and joined the site just to message him so she only emailed one guy on the site and got a relationship out of that . some fail miserably yet others succeed its tough to figure out


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  • Because women online are pickier because they can be. I've tried it an I havnt gotten anything I really liked.

    • yeah I agree they have a lot more options online than in real life , a lot of these girls gets tons of messages yet in real life I doubt mnay guys even notice them on the street . any half descent girl gets loads of messages on sites like plenty of fish so its next to impossible for an average guy to stand out and get a date

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  • Because people are different, simple as that.

    It all depends on how you handle it, and who you're "targeting" if you can call it that.

    Think of it as math, the result can vary from thousands, in how you act towards different kind of women.

  • I did the online thing for a while and met my boyfriend there out of about a dozen duds. I also proactively messaged guys who interested me. And no, not all of them responded -- so it does go both ways.

    Which site you use matters -- the quality on the free ones are usually worse than the paid sites. Eharmony has the best success rate, but Match gives more flexibility. Etc.

    Bad photos.

    Blank or too generic profile. Also, swearing, misspelled words and complaining are turn offs. Saying "I'm tired of women/men who ..." also is a no-no.

    Targeting people who are far better looking that you are.

    Targeting people by ONLY looks and ignoring the "common interests" and personality factors.

    Geography does count.

    Also, dating sites tend to be best for 25-35 year old educated professionals, in my opinion. It may not be the ideal venue for everyone.


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  • It's the same reason why some people fail miserably in real life.

    • maybe but I've meet a lot of good looking girls in real life and partied with a lot of good looking girls in real life yet online on a dating site nothing , I could go to a bar and talk to a real girl but online wouldn't be able to meet good looking girls on dating sites

  • Not good looking enough, boring personality in description, not tall enough.

    • i know but why does it matter how tall you are when we'd just be talking online to start anyways ? are only tall guys good at having conversations I don't think so . online dating is something I've never really understood